Why should I only communicate via Close5?

Buying and selling used items online has typically always been a bit shady. Anonymity to the extreme has actually hindered security since you have no idea who you’re dealing with. At Close5, we’ve created a new way of buying and selling centered around public profiles, in-app messaging, and customer service.

Not only do public profiles allow you the opportunity to get to know your buyer or seller before meeting up by seeing their recent activity, but Close5 also provides in-app messaging so that your personal information stays private while arranging your meet-up – No phone numbers, no emails.

Close5 has built these features to create a secure and convenient way for local buying and selling. However, we can not deliver on that promise when users communicate outside of Close5. If a user asks you to contact them via phone, text or email, or asks you to participate in a transaction not supported by Close5, please contact us immediately.

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