Prohibited Items

There are some items that Close5 doesn't allow to be bought or sold. The following represents a partial list of Prohibited Items that are not in the spirit of Close5 and do not reflect the community we strive to maintain.

  1. Weapons, parts and accessories including, but not limited to, firearms, ammunition, swords or switchblades, BB guns, and tasers.
  2. Alcohol, tobacco products, and drugs including prescription drugs, drug paraphernalia or other controlled substances.
  3. Live animals or pets.
  4. Obscene or pornographic material that may be harmful to minors.
  5. Counterfeit or fraudulent items.
  6. Stolen goods or property with the serial number removed or altered.
  7. Used cosmetics, undergarments, swimsuits or socks.
  8. Ads for commercial or marketing purposes.
  9. Recalled items or items that do not adhere to federal regulations and standards, such as an outdated crib or car seat.
  10. Merchandise that promotes hatred or violence against specific groups of people.

All users are responsible for ensuring the items they buy or sell follow all applicable state and local laws, as well as Close5's Terms of Use. Close5 reserves the right to remove any item that does not reflect the spirit of Close5.

If you suspect an item violates these Terms or have any questions about prohibited items, please email us at


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