Safety Tips

Safety first!

At Close5, your security is always top of mind. Public profiles help you get information about the seller, while private messages work just like texting – That means you never have to give a stranger your phone number, address or email.

When it’s time to meet and exchange the item in-person, be sure to practice these simple rules:

Meet in public

Always meet in a public space such as the neighborhood coffee shop or local library, during peak hours when there are plenty of people around. If you're purchasing electronics, be sure to meet at a coffee shop with plenty of outlets to fully inspect & test the item.

We suggest using Safe Deal Zones – Many Police Departments around the country are now offering these spaces in front of their Police Stations, often with security cameras for added peace-of-mind.

Always be aware of your surroundings

Don’t allow yourself to get distracted by your phone or your own fabulous taste in shoes. Keep your head up, stay alert and survey your area.

Arrange payment method ahead of time

If you’ll be dealing in large amounts of cash or large bills, bring a counterfeit pen. Otherwise, if you’ve arranged to send or receive electronic payment at your exchange, go directly to the source and verify receipt of payment first during your exchange – Never rely solely on an email notification to verify payment receipt and never send payment before you have the item in-hand!

Bring a friend

If you feel uncomfortable meeting alone, bring a friend to have your back. You’ll feel more at ease and have twice the fun!

Never invite strangers into your home

If you’re selling larger items that make meeting in public difficult, be sure to bring your items outside before your buyer arrives. Not only will it make you both feel a bit more comfortable, but it’ll also make the transfer to their vehicle that much easier.

You may also want to consider using a third party delivery service or even giving out your block number rather than your exact address ie. 500th block of Main St.

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