Smart Buyers Guide: Furniture

Before purchasing furniture, be sure to take these steps to ensure that you will be satisfied with your purchase for years to come.

Check the condition of the furniture in person:

It is the buyer's responsibility to fully inspect the item at the scheduled meet-up to ensure you are getting the item you are expecting. Close5 simply provides the platform for buying & selling, as well as state that all sales are final in our [Community Guidelines](

Things to check for include: stains, tears, cleanliness

Try out the furniture:

Test out the tables, open up drawers in cabinets, sit on the sofa’s and chairs. You want to make sure that the furniture is not damaged in anyway. Or if there is a slight damage that you feel comfortable fixing the furniture up.


Take measurements for both the furniture and the location you plan on putting the furniture to make sure it fits.


Always confirm with the seller and the delivery company about the pickup and delivery details prior to the deliver date.

 Meeting Up at Seller House

Have the seller move the larger pieces of furniture outside their home to the garage or driveway. That way, when the buyer comes over, they will not have to go into your home. This will also make the transport to their car or truck will be much easier.



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